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Honest, diligent, female-owned and FAST. Best mechanics in Sebastopol!


helpful and understanding


I came into your shop shortly before closing and desperately needed a battery as the one in my car was expiring on the spot. Not only did you squeeze me in (and all of you were busy with other customers) but, unrequested by me, you checked all my fluids, tire pressure and even cleaned my hubcaps all at no extra charge. That, my friends, is the definition of service. Thank you very much.


communicative, accessible, friendly


I just wanted a quote on replacing a water pump on my daughter's Prius. Kevin got me the quote without charge and it was well under what the dealership quoted me. They did the work very promptly and communicated with me in a prompt, respectful fashion. My experience was professional and pleasant. I recommend these folks and will use them again. I did read some reviews where people complained about them. There is always potential for misunderstandings and miscommunications around auto repairs. We are all human after all. And I can tell Kevin really does try to show up honestly, ethically and with integrity. That is the most we can reasonably expect from anyone. If you need a mechanic, don't be afraid to use them. Just do your best to communicate with them what you want, what you expect, and make sure you understand the agreements you are making with them. I have no affiliation with these folks except as a satisfied customer.


Friendly, timely and easy.

Thanks, Kim! Glad we could help.

- K-Tech Automotive

Best customer service I have ever experienced! I brought my truck in and from the time I dropped it off until I picked it up the experience was Great. The crew there went above and beyond and The repairs were performed precisley. Best shop I have ever been to!


It was polite and friendly service. The time and cost of repairs were exactly as they predicted. This was my first time, but great service thus far.


K-Tech gets an A+ from me!! While in Northern California on a business trip and close to 500 miles from my home, I was driving on the freeway when a warning light I had never seen before lit up my dash board. I was concerned because it was something to do with my brakes and I was worried that I could be in danger. I pulled over, did a search, and called K-Tech Automotive. It just so happened that Kate, the owner, picked up the phone and I was able to explain what was happening. Without hesitation, she quickly started gathering information about my car and based on that information was able to determine that I would be safe, and that my car would not sustain additional damage if I drove it to an auto technician close to where I was to have it looked at. Knowing that I was some distance away from her shop, not once did she try to push or convince me that I should come to her shop, but instead suggested I get to a shop that was closet to the area I was in. I don't believe I have ever had someone in the auto repair industry be so helpful and more concerned about my safety and well being vs. them making a buck. Kate took the time to really consider what was best for me and my car. I don't live in Sonoma County, but if I did, K-Tech would be the only place I would take my car!! Thank you Kate!!


I am grateful to find such a quality auto repair service here in Sebastopol. The customer service is warm and consistent. The quotes i receive have been fair and often lower than others. The loaner car has been very convenient and has helped tremendously. I never skipped a beat. I highly recommend discovering for yourself what a trustworthy and reliable auto service K-Tech is offering!

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