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Customer Reviews & Stories

"K-Tech Automotive takes care of our community by offering auto repair services at a affordable price. We are really happy about their professionalism."

– Yelp Review

"I've had several repairs done by K-Tech, and have been extremely happy with each one. Monica is very personable, and takes time to explain what they found, and what needs to be done. K-Tech treats my car as they would their own. I will continue to bring my car to them whenever repairs are needed."

– Yelp Review

"An excellent experience, great service and a really good value. I would definitely recommend them to my friends."

– Google Review

"Had a horrible noise in my 2004 911 Carerra S4, Originally brought it in to Brahmen Porsche, paid myself to have it towed. They quoted me $8,822, I could tell the salesmen was lying through his teeth. I got referred to Tech nine by a friend and and the gentlemen that owns it, Kris, towed my Porsche at no cost, six hours later Kris called and said it's going to cost me $622! My car is driving better than ever, he checked everything, even topped my fluids and the car came back to me cleaner than I gave it to him. The service was absolutely fast and impeccable. Kris is a master technician that has experience working on luxury vehicles from Bentleys to Ferarri, not to mention he also repairs American and whatever car you might have. Honesty is the best policy and I couldn't recommend anybody but Kris! He will take care of you at Tech Nine Automotive. Absolutely recommended, I've started sending all my friends here as well. I've never seen a shop so clean either, everything is top notch. I now only recommend Tech Nine, that's why I took time out of my busy day to share the incredible experience I've had at this shop."

– Yelp Review

"Super friendly and trustworthy. When I found a part online a lot cheaper to do the job they were totally on board with it and only charged me the labor as previously quoted. They even asked where I got the part so they could shop online there for their other customers."

– Yelp Review

"I've been a loyal K-Tech customer for the last 4 years without a single problem, so for the very first service on my 2016 Honda I decided to use K-Tech. The service was performed satisfactorily and ready when promised. In fact sooner than expected. When the car was picked up, the tire pressure light was on. We were told that the light was on because the tires pressure was low and Honda used nitrogen and K-Tech didn't have nitrogen. A quick look at the owners manual showed a button on the dashboard that manually reset the tire pressure. I was very disappointed that they didn't know this. We were also told to go to Cosco to refill the tires. After all these years, this incident really made me rethink my loyalty."

– S.H.

"K-Tech Automotive is one of the last great garages in this area and I feel very fortunate to be able to have them complete the work I bring into them . They are always on the money with their estimates and do highly qualified work on my vehicle , whatever it may be . I am certainly going back for all of my vehicle's work that needs to be done. Thanks for everything, Kevin Pistey"

– K.P.

"The experienced technicians took care of a serious problem in my Honda CRV recently. My car often would not start after driving for 30 minutes and then stoping for 5-10 min. Then, if it started, the engine would die a mile down the road without warning. I changed my battery and air filter to no avail. I had heard that K-Tech was the best at diagnosing problems. I dropped my car off at 8 am and appreciated the helpful office staff. Since this is my primary transportation I was nervous about them fixing it ASAP. I called at 10 am and asked what they had found. They had isolated the problem as a fuel injector relay andhad ordered one. Delivery of the part wasnt until 2 pm. I called at 2:30 and they wer out test driving my car. Excellent!!! When I picked it up the bill was as predicted. I test drove my car to try and reproduce the problem. It ran flawlessly!! In fact the car runs better overall now. I highly recommend KTech for those tough problems."

– K.M.

"Very good experience. My car is running well. I appreciate the expertise, the loaner, the customer service. It is expensive, but " you get what you pay for."

– K.D.

"I found the overall experience to be one of professionalism - the office staff were smart, friendly, attractive and no nonsense. The mechanics were more knowledgeable about my car than anyone I've taken it to before - this leaves me with a reassuring sense of confidence that things are being done right."

– P.N.

"I am very pleased with K-Tech Automotive. Technical competence, attention to detail and excellent customer support are some of their strengths. I will continue to use K-Tech for all of my automobile's service and repair needs. So glad that I found them. This was my 3rd or 4th visit to them and I've never been disappointed with any of their work but rather encouraged that I've finally found such a reputable shop. I own a 2002 VW Passat that has 230,000 plus miles on it and it still purrs as though it was new."

– K.B.

"So far my experience with the K-Tech staff has been very positive. They have all been professional and have kept me in the loop. They seem to be very through and honest about what they are discovering as they get deeper into my vehicle. I have already steered 2 people toward your business and with a positive outcome I will try and send more clients your way. One surprise was the discovery of rodents making a home in my engine compartment. Those rascals."

– M.W.

"Helpful and great people works there but prices are just way too high. I highly recommend to look around first. Make this your last choice."

– Google Review

"It was just an oil change, but it was the first time I had been here. Everyone I interacted with there was personable and competent. Even when the mechanic advised me about needing a transmission fluid flush, it was described well enough for me to understand so I could make an informed decision and in a way that I didn't feel "talked at" or "talked down to". I would definitely return for other services. This is a small business I will support."

– Google Review

"Fantastic service, quick and painless. They've been great about giving me deals as a return customer - so I keep being a return customer! Thanks K-Tech."

– Google Review

"I have taken my car to K Tech for service twice. Both times the people I dealt with were friendly efficient and a pleasure to do business with. It's a great place to avoid dealing with big corporate dealerships."

– Google Review

"Ktech did a great job repairing my car. Gave me a loaner and worked with me on the payment. Highly recommend this shop...they are customer service experts."

– Yelp Review

"After two great experiences at K-Tech Automotive, I consider myself a loyal customer. I recently moved to Sebastopol, and I could tell that I needed to get my brakes looked at, so I called a couple of auto shops. K-Tech was friendly on the phone, and able to get my car into the shop right away. They gave me a free loaner car to use while they worked, and they had all my brakes fixed in just a few hours so that I was able to get to my daughter's Mother's Day school event on time! I know they worked extra hard to help me not be late, and I really appreciate that extra effort and caring they offered (how often does that happen these days?). Since K-Tech's service, my brakes have been feeling and sounding great! They were conscientious enough to let me know that I would need an oil change and transmission service soon, so I decided to go back in the following week and have that work done. Again, they were able to get my car in right away, and I got the oil changed and transmission service done in about an hour! They were super-busy that day, so all the loaner cars were out, but I just went for a nice walk down the street and looked into the cute little shops while they worked (met some cool people and discovered some very interesting places), and they were done so quickly, I couldn't believe it! Then, when I walked back to pick up my car, they gave me their coupon discount for the work (even though I didn't present the coupon), and it cost me only about half of what I was expecting! I couldn't be happier with K-Tech Automotive! My car is now running great, and I feel completely confident in their integrity and quality of work. Everyone there was friendly and gave me the impression of being people I could trust. I intend to be a loyal customer, and I highly recommend K-Tech. It's great to feel so good about a place to service and care for your car. I've tended to go to service centers at Toyota car dealerships in the past, and I can tell you, my experience with K-tech is a thousand times more pleasant. I'm so happy I found them!"

– E.M.

"All around awesome!! I will definitely be going back! The staff is very friendly and very helpful. My car was finished in a day. They actually care about you as a person and don't try to rip you off. They are the best mechanic I've been to and I'm very happy I found them!"

– L.P.

"As always, I am happy and feel safe in my car after your shop has worked on it. Everyone is very friendly, informative, and helpful. I have recommended K-Tech to a number of people already. The only area of improvement I could see would be getting people processed more quickly when paying/picking up the vehicle-- perhaps another printer at the front desk? Thanks, K-Tech!"

– L.R.

"I am always pleasantly surprised and gratified to receive professional and efficient service at K-Tech. Brought in my car around 3:30 to replace the battery and I was on the road by 5 p.m. I will miss Kevin, but it's really a pleasure to meet Molly and Jack, two bright, caring young people behind the desk. Thanks for being here when I need you! Linda"

– L.H.

"I came into your shop shortly before closing and desperately needed a battery as the one in my car was expiring on the spot. Not only did you squeeze me in (and all of you were busy with other customers) but, unrequested by me, you checked all my fluids, tire pressure and even cleaned my hubcaps all at no extra charge. That, my friends, is the definition of service. Thank you very much."

– W.B.

"Everyone was super! The work was great; they found out what was 'really' wrong with my vehicle, then fixed it beautifully! My questions and concerns were answered completely and immediately. I appreciate the friendly service and my car feels better than when I bought it new from the dealer!"

– P.H.

"My 2004 Ford Escape broke down in Sebastopol while I was visiting my granddaughter. The AAA tow truck driver suggested your shop. I got estimates of work needed. I am very satisfied with the work performed and the 2 year warranty. If I lived in the Sebastopol area, I would use them again."

– P.N.