Wheels To Prosper at K-Tech Automotive

Every year, K-Tech Automotive is proud to donate a free car to a deserving member of the Sebastopol community. We call our giveaway "Good Karma" because the people who are nominated think of others first, often putting the needs of their families and friends above their own. For these individuals, a reliable car will help them continue to do the good things they do already—but more easily.

Kate handing keys over to car giveaway winner

Help us help a deserving member of the Sebastopol community.

If you know a resident of the Sebastopol area who is an active contributor in the community and needs a car, then Kate would like to hear from you! Nominations must specify why the potential recipient is deserving of the donation and how they will use the car in their community activities. In addition to a totally free vehicle, winners receive:

  • A fresh smog test
  • Payment of the initial registration cost
  • A complimentary 12 month service package

We generally hold our giveaway in September of each year. Continue checking our website for announcements, updates, and submission deadlines. Good luck!

"It was so heart-warming to see the happiness and gratitude they [the recipients] showed
- reading about it is one thing, but actually being there and seeing the look on their faces
and hearing them tell their stories is another thing entirely."
-  Michelle B. -

"I really like that K-Tech gives cars to single moms like Francine
- she does so many good things for people, and she really deserved a car."
- Talulajah R. -

"My father flew planes in WWII.  Seeing Kate give the war vet [Ed Carter] a car
for him and his 10-year-old son brought tears to my eyes."
- Jim C. -



WTP Winners at K-Tech Automotive


Edwin CarterCongratulations Edwin Carter!

Edwin is a Gulf War Veteran. He had numerous injuries including having skull reconstructed, has PTSD and agoraphobia, but pushes through it for his 10 year old autistic son. His son got bitten by a poisonous spider and Ed didn't have a car to get him to a hospital. He lives in Sebastopol area, is "amazingly frugal, clean and sober, amazing parent," low income, "would never ask for anything for himself." If you needed to move, he'd be the first guy to offer to help. His ex left him and the son, and recently took the car too. He volunteered at Site for Sore Eyes program called "gift of sight" making lenses for glasses for people who couldn't afford them. 


WTP Winner at K-Tech AutomotiveCongratulations Francine Waxman!

Francine is single mother of 2, has Aspbergers and was non-verbal in her early life. Through hard work, she is now social and you'd not guess she had this. She was homeless for awhile when she first moved here, spent 4-5 hours on public transit or waiting for public transit per day. Francine was limited in how often she could see her son because he lives in East bay and she didn't have car. No dinners with her daughter because of work/school/time on public transit. People say she inspires them with her consistently positive attitude and words and see her as a role model. "She would never complain about anything." Being 43-years-old, she participates in women's groups, meditation and self-healing. She is very intelligent and is currently studying psychology & sociology with the ultimate goal of becoming a teacher. A Sebastopol resident, she volunteers at Sebastopol Senior Center where the car will be put to good use. Francine is already set up to take Seniors to their appointments.