Meet the Team at K-Tech Automotive in Sebastopol!

At K-Tech automotive, we're proud to have a well-balanced team of local Sonoma County technicians and customer service professionals. Combined we have more than 80 years of experience working on cars, and between us, there's no repair or diagnostic we can't handle. Please take a moment to learn more about our skills and credentials.

Kate - Owner of K Tech Automotive

Kate Jonasse, Owner & Founder

Kate Jonasse is an ASE Master Certified Technician with more than 12 years of automotive repair experience. Diagnostics is her specialty, and to this day, she loves solving problems. Kate went to tech school in NY State (where she's from), and was recruited by a Mercedes-Benz dealer in Atlanta, GA to receive factory training. After several years working as a Mercedes technician, she moved to the West Coast, got her California smog license, and opened K-Tech Automotive, originally a one-woman operation.

As a child, Kate was the one in the house who was in charge of putting together anything that originally came in pieces—like tables, her kid brother's toys, and new appliances. She got into cars after buying her first vehicle, a 1981 Datsun pickup, which she bought for $600 (money she'd earned working at Subway during high school).

That truck consistently wouldn't start, and she used to park it on hills to pop-start it using the clutch. The situation motivated her to want to learn to work on her own car, so she would feel more competent and self-sufficient. With this background and attitude, a future auto shop owner was born.

But Kate's no grease monkey. She's a vegetarian, and she likes to cook vegan food. She also enjoys yoga, Aikido, running, and reading non-fiction. With her business, Kate strives "to boldly go where no one has gone before," so perhaps it's no surprise she's a fan of Star Trek: the Next Generation.

Jessica - Service Advisor for K Tech Automotive

Jessica Ruddell, Service Advisor

Jessica Ruddell's dual passions for people and mechanics merge perfectly in her position as service advisor at K-Tech. Born and raised in Sonoma County, Jessica's a hometown girl who's attended classes at the Western Institute of Science and Health, Santa Rosa Junior College, and Sonoma State. She is certified in Advanced Massage Therapy, and holds degrees in Social and Behavioral Science and Anthropology, with a minor in Arts Management.

While working towards her degree in Anthropology and watching her friends build and maintain their vehicles, Jessica developed a passion for automotive mechanics. She acquired her first fixer-upper in 2012, a friend's former Sears Point track car, and has been learning mechanics as she restores it to original condition.

When she's not working on or around cars, Jessica enjoys being outdoors, hiking, biking, and kayaking, or working on creative projects.

Casey - Lead Tech for K Tech Automotive

Casey Ettin, Lead Technician

Our lead technician, Casey Ettin, was born and raised in Sonoma County, where he attended Willowside and El Molino schools. Casey's family has always been into hot-rodding and building cars, and he started building hot rods at a very young age. When it came time to choose a career, he decided to continue working in the automotive repair industry professionally.

Casey has two children, a son and daughter, with whom he spends most of his off hours. He and his son are even restoring a 1951 Chevy Pickup that was originally Casey's grandfather's…and so the family tradition continues.

Jack - General Manager for K Tech Automotive

Jack Arrington, Shop Foreman & General Manager

Our shop foreman and general manager, Jack Arrington, is an ASE Master Certified Technician and Diagnostician with more than 25 years of automotive experience. Cars are Jack's passion, and he's made it his mission to become skilled in all aspects of gas and diesel engines. He's also designed and built numerous highly-engineered on- and off-road vehicles.

Jack was born and raised in Santa Rosa. He graduated from Montgomery High School with honors in welding and metal fabricating, but his true automotive apprenticeship began at age 12 when he started working at a local Santa Rosa auto repair shop. After attending college in Arizona and earning two degrees, Jack returned to Sonoma County and his first love—working on cars.

Jack has two children, and he adores spending time with his family, camping, off-roading, and continuing to perfect his skills as a technician.

Cathy - Service Advisor for K Tech Automotive

Cathy Kumre, Service Advisor

Cathy Kumre, our other service advisor, became interested in cars when she was in high school. She learned how to do work on her own car, including changing the oil, gapping and installing plugs, checking fluids and filters, and changing the tires. Then she had the opportunity to tear down and rebuild the motor on her '68 Mustang under the guidance of a Master Tech.

Learning about the inner components of her car, Cathy's interest in auto mechanics grew, and she found she really enjoyed working on cars as much as she loved admiring classics and muscle cars at car shows. Since then, she met her husband whose hobby is Nostalgia Drag Racing, and she jumps in to help pull apart the motor in his race car whenever necessary.

Cathy's hobbies (aside from attending drag races) include spending time with her two boys and two stepchildren, hiking, reading, and watching football, NASCAR, and various other sports, as well as shows about cars and rebuilds.

Rick - Technician with K Tech Automotive

Rick Pritchett, Technician

Rick Pritchett was born and raised in Southern California. At age 10, he started working on cars as a hobby, and quickly became fascinated with the internal combustion engine. After high school, and after serving in the military, Rick decided to pursue working on cars professionally. Twelve years later, he's still twisting wrenches and diagnosing automotive issues with enthusiasm, and he loves it more all the time.

In his free time, Rick enjoys spending time with his family and five children.